The Tanzania Association for Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (TAPCAP) is the National Umbrella Organisation that brings together all practicing counsellors, Psychotherapists and counselling/Psychotherapy training institutions in Tanzania. TAPCAP was officially formed in 2009 and registered by the government with registration number SA 16541.

Membership to TAPCAP is open to all professionally trained counsellors, Psychotherapists, counselling/Psychology students, counsellor/Psychotherapy educators and all those with an interest in counselling and Psychotherapy. To-date, TAPCAP has over 200 active registered members, two registered training institutions and 5 registered private firms.

TAPCAP is governed by a board of directors whose responsibility is to oversee the general running of the association. The day to day operations of the organisation are spearheaded by the chairperson working closely with other TAPCAP members.


Tanzania Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists promotes ethical and competent counselling and Psychotherapy through regulating the practice, providing a forum for networking and ensuring professional development of the counsellors, Psychotherapists and counselling/Psychotherapy.



Tanzania Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists envisions psychosocial wellbeing for all people through authentic Professional counselling and Psychotherapy





Benefits to our members include being part of a prestigious and well known professional organisation and opportunities for professional and personal development. Those who register as members of TAPCAP will enjoy the following services;

•             Accreditation for ‘Chartered Counsellor/Psychotherapist’

•             Accreditations for Counselling /Psychotherapy courses/programmes

•             Supervision every month at a very minimal fee.

•             Continuing Professional Development e.g.

o Local and International conference

o Workshops

o Seminars

o Short Courses

•             Personal Development or Growth groups

•             Community service

•             Counseling/Psychotherapy practice opportunities

•             Discussion forums

•             Networking and contacts


Members can request TAPCAP to offer counselling and Psychotherapy supervision for their organisation on consultancy basis. For instance;

 Employees Wellness Services,

School/Hospital/College/University Based Services,

Crisis Intervention Services,

Children Home Services,

Disability and Rehabilitation Services,

Support groups of different nature (Addiction, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, DM, HTN, Weight Management.  


TAPCAP - Tanzania Association for Professional Counsellors And Psychotherapists   

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P.O.Box 200, 


Phone: +255 754 489 837

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Website: http://www.tapcap.or.tz




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