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The Tanzania Association for Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (TAPCAP) is the National Umbrella Organisation that brings together all practicing counsellors, Psychotherapists and counselling/Psychotherapy training institutions in Tanzania. TAPCAP was officially formed in 2009 and registered by the government with registration number SA 16541.

Membership to TAPCAP is open to all professionally trained counsellors, Psychotherapists, counselling/Psychology students, counsellor/Psychotherapy educators and all those with an interest in counselling and Psychotherapy. To-date, TAPCAP has over 200 active registered members, two registered training institutions and 5 registered private firms.

TAPCAP is governed by a board of directors whose responsibility is to oversee the general running of the association. The day to day operations of the organisation are spearheaded by the chairperson working closely with other TAPCAP members.


                    Regulate counselling/Psychotherapy practice and supervision  in Tanzania

                    Promote learning and sharing about the value, benefits and availability of counselling and Psychotherapy

                    Advocate for a Psychological Health and  environment that promote people’s well being

                    Enhance Collaboration and networking among individuals, Professionals, Institutions, Private Practitioners and organizations’ offering counselling/Psychotherapy services and training

                    Strengthen the performing capacity of TAPCAP to respond to its evolving needs and that of its membership

                    Set ethical standards in counselling, Psychotherapy and establish guidelines for counselling and Psychotherapy practice in Tanzania

                    Promote opportunities for continuing professional education to update counsellors and Psychotherapists

                    Promote opportunities for  Counsellors and Psychotherapists to engage in research

                    Expand membership


                    TAPCAP has an accreditation and certification committee which is chosen by the board to accredit individual counsellors/psychotherapists, supervisors, counselling services and training courses.

                    TAPCAP issues certificates to accredit and certify members and organizations to provide training or offer services in counselling and Psychotherapy.

                    We also deliver workshops and 'surgeries' to help members who are thinking about, or are in the process of applying for accreditation as counsellor/psychotherapist.  These are run by our own assessors.  


                    We also provide an accredited logo for our accredited members, services and courses to use on their advertising, employment opportunities to help them stand out from the crowd.




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