Benefits to our members include being part of a prestigious and well known professional organisation and opportunities for professional and personal development. Those who register as members of TAPCAP will enjoy the following services;

•             Accreditation for ‘Chartered Counsellor/Psychotherapist’

•             Accreditations for Counselling /Psychotherapy courses/programmes

•             Supervision every month at a very minimal fee.

•             Continuing Professional Development e.g.

o Local and International conference

o Workshops

o Seminars

o Short Courses

•             Personal Development or Growth groups

•             Community service

•             Counseling/Psychotherapy practice opportunities

•             Discussion forums

•             Networking and contacts


Members can request TAPCAP to offer counselling and Psychotherapy supervision for their organisation on consultancy basis. For instance;

 Employees Wellness Services,

School/Hospital/College/University Based Services,

Crisis Intervention Services,

Children Home Services,

Disability and Rehabilitation Services,

Support groups of different nature (Addiction, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, DM, HTN, Weight Management.  

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