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TAPCAP strives to promote professional development in Tanzania and other African countries by offering an active membership service to professionally trained Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Membership is open professionally trained counsellors and Psychotherapists, trainers and supervisors in the country.


As a student member it is likely that you are at the start of your counselling and psychotherapy career and also new to TAPCAP. It is our intention to guide and support you as you progress to our member category and hopefully to become a certified and an accredited member of TAPCAP. Student membership is available if you are undertaking classroom tuition on a counselling/psychotherapy course that is a minimum of one year full time or two years part time with a supervised placement.

Associate membership is for members who have qualifications that do not meet the specific criteria of the Member TAPCAP category. Associate members can move into the student member category upon commencement of appropriate training or apply to become accredited members should they meet the eligibility criteria.

Persons living abroad who are members of an acknowledged foreign Counseling/Psychotherapy Association and can provide proof of qualification in the field of counselling and psychotherapy and become affiliate members while working in Tanzanian context with our supervision

If you have successfully completed and graduated from a minimum of a one year full time or two year part time counselling/psychotherapy qualification that included a supervised placement  of  400 to 600 hours you are eligible to become a member of TAPCAP   and you will be certified . See eligibility criteria for certification:

Criterion A

  • A counsellor/Psychotherapist who has undertaken a TAPCAP recognised counselling/Psychotherapy course of minimum of a one year full time or two year part time .
  • Evidence of having completed a minimum of 400 to 600 hours of counselling/Psychotherapy practice under supervision over one to two-year per


Criterion B

Having met the criterion A, the counselor/Psychotherapist shall then be required to:

  • Engage in on-going supervision of at least one supervision session a month.
  • Show evidence of commitment of on-going professional and personal development such as regular participation in counselling/Psychotherapy training courses, study, conferences, etc.
  • Demonstrate practice, which adheres to the TAPCAP code of ethics and practice for counsellors, Psychotherapists and undertake to continue working within the code.
  • Renew status every two years.


Membership of TAPCAP is an excellent way in which to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to the safe and ethical delivery of counselling and psychotherapy services in Tanzania.  All members are bound by TAPCAP’s Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy and Ethical Guidelines for Researching Counselling and Psychotherapy.

If your organisation is a voluntary and/or registered charity working in one location such as a neighborhood, town or county, or is a county-based, local authority run, educational establishment, or non-commercial university, then this category of membership is applicable.

If your organisation is a voluntary and/or charitable organisation which covers more than one county, then this category of membership is applicable.

If your organisation is a local or national commercial organisation and/or educational establishment (ie profit making) then this category of membership is applicable.

Partnerships, limited companies, sole traders and any other organisations that are not voluntary or charitable should apply as commercial organisations.

TAPCAP – Tanzania Association for Professional Counselors And Psychotherapists

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The Tanzania Association for Professional Counsellors and  (TAPCAP) is the National Umbrella Organisation that brings together all practicing counsellors, Psychotherapists and counselling/Psychotherapy training institutions in Tanzania.

TAPCAP – Tanzania Association for Professional Counsellors And Psychotherapists

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